Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Town of Breakage

In his 2008 novel, The Spirit of the Place, native son Stephen Bergman, writing as Samuel Shem, characterizes the slightly fictionalized Hudson that is the setting for the novel as a "town of breakage." I was reminded of that, and of a story Bergman told at the Hudson Area Library's fiftieth anniversary dinner in 2009, recounting his surprise to discover that a broken fountain he'd noticed when he first arrived at Harvard as a freshman was repaired in less than a week, when I saw the broken base on one of our relatively new fiberglass lampposts in the 300 block of Warren Street. Will the broken base be replaced? (It appears that it cannot be repaired.) If it is replaced, how long will it be before that happens?         

1 comment:

  1. The previous set of lamp posts never got repaired in 40 years - at a great rental cost - so I don't expect this set to be treated any differently.