Sunday, September 25, 2011


Two Gossips readers informed me that I was in error when I suggested that the conflagration that destroyed the Farmers National Bank building happened in 1941. The article I discovered and quoted earlier today appeared in the Evening Register for November 22, 1941, but it must have been one of those "Fifteen Years Ago on This Date" items, because one of the readers fixed the year of the fire as 1926. (Full disclosure: The article indicated that it was "Continued from Page Eight," but Page Eight was not available on the Fulton History site.) That same reader told me that the new Farmers Bank building, which was designed by the architectural firm of Shreve and Lamb and built throughout 1927, had its official opening on January 28, 1928. The next year, William F. Lamb, partner in the firm, designed the Empire State Building. 

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