Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More About the Armory Houses

After Gossips published the post about Galloway's rumored purchase of the Armory and the "Armory houses," a reader sent these pictures taken in recent days. The first shows the houses as they are now. The second shows a tree behind the houses being pruned to enable roof work to be done on one of the houses. The third shows the tree--there between the two houses--after its extreme pruning.

The same reader who supplied the photographs reminded me of this remarkable picture of one of the houses in better days, which Lisa Durfee discovered and published on her blog The Tainted Lady Lounge.


  1. If Galloway buys the Armory, then what will be left for him to buy?, Perhaps the city might want to part with City Hall-- outdated as it is--and move the government into more useful quarters in some former auto showroom. The county could follow by selling him the Courthouse, saving them the money to be spent on further tampering with its original appearance. And when the Postal service defaults the Post Office might well be another purchase for him. This would leave only the Opera House for him to buy to own most of Hudson's large public buildings. Owning most of Hudson, it would be logical for him to secede from the Union and establish the Kingdom of Gallowegia. The coronation of KIng Eric the Acquisitive on the steps of his new palace on Washington Square would be a glittering event.

  2. I guess we're going to be a one company town after all. Money talks.