Friday, September 23, 2011

The Register-Star Weighs In

W. T. Eckert picks up the story that Gossips published a week ago: "Library board asks agency for a share of the building sale $$$" In the article, Eckert confirms that 400 State Street was sold for $476,500, giving the Hudson Area Library Board of Trustees $176,500 "to use however they see fit." 

Theresa Parsons, president of the HAL board, is quoted in the article as saying: “We never have enough from what we get from the city of Hudson [$120,000], Greenport [$5,500] and Stockport [$2,000]. We still have to keep looking for additional funds—that is why I am always out trying to raise funds.” Parsons' search for money seems to keep bringing her back to the same well: the overtapped resources of the City of Hudson.

Rick Scalera, mayor of Hudson, is quoted in the article as saying: "With [the $176,500 remaining from the sale of 400 State St., the $120,000 a year collected from Hudson taxpayers and the offer to move to the Armory at 51 N. Fifth St. for $1 a month by Galvan Partners], I think the library is in a pretty comfortable position and probably should be . . . looking at fundraising for any additional money."

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