Monday, September 19, 2011

If You Haven't Taken the Locavore Pledge . . .

Far be it from me to recommend that people get their pizza anywhere but Baba Louie's or Park Falafel, but late this afternoon, when William and I were walking on Warren Street, we encountered two young Domino's pizza deliverers who were giving out samples of a new product: "artisan" pizza. Feeling peckish, we sampled their wares. I tried spinach & feta; William Italian sausage & pepper. Not bad, although there didn't seem to be any feta on the piece I got. William, however, had no complaints. 

If you're feeling both hungry and impecunious, the pizzas, which are rectangular and somewhat larger than a letter-sized sheet of paper, are, for this week, only $2.99.  

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