Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gellert and the Doors

Phil Gellert has a history of problems with the Code Enforcement Office, but this spring he ran afoul of the Historic Preservation Commission when it was discovered that he had removed and trashed historic wood doors from 223-225 Allen Street, replaced them with mismatched metal doors, and covered up the side lights to accommodate the smaller doors.  

Although Gellert tried to get the HPC to accept wood doors of a different sort, the HPC insisted, as the law requires, that he return the building's entrance to the way it was before the violation. So Gellert had to replicate the doors and expose the side lights once again. Gossips noticed recently that this has been done.   


  1. A little enforcement goes a long way. Hopefully Mr. Gellert realizes that the original design -wood doors with sidelights- is decidedly more attractive as well as an improvement to his property.

  2. beautiful - thank you mr gellert for rising to the occasion - now for bigger fish to fry