Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Sunday of Memories and Remembrance

Hudson is getting a reputation for unusual events that bring our diverse community together, and another such happening is planned for Sunday, August 23.

On that day, Basilica Hudson will host Automotive Archive: A roving memorial, a mobile sound installation that takes the form of an automobile procession. The event is conceived and presented by the Oral History Summer School in collaboration with WGXC and the Listening Project at Kite's Nest. Participating cars and their passengers will make a three-mile loop through the city, which begins and ends at Basilica Hudson. As the cars move through the streets of Hudson, the words and voices of departed Hudsonians, broadcast by WGXC 90.7 FM and heard on the car radios, will guide the procession. Through the audio archive they left behind, Elombe Badila (represented by Pam Badila), Lynn Carr, Harold Hanson, Christina Malisoff, Frankie Martino, and Mary Potts will tell of the Hudson they knew and loved.

Participating cars must have working FM radios and up-to-date insurance, and drivers are asked to preregister at the Oral History Summer School website. Nondrivers can join the procession as passengers. 

Cars should arrive at the Basilica Hudson parking lot (110 South Front Street) at 1 p.m. Passengers are asked to be there by 1:30. The event will conclude with a brief gathering at the Basilica at 3 p.m.

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