Friday, August 14, 2015

What Might They Have Said?

From the beginning, the Historic Preservation Commission has never concerned itself with approving paint colors in historic districts. They are not the taste police. They are concerned with the preservation of authentic fabric and design of historic buildings and the protection of the city's historic character. Paint is not permanent, hence it does not have an irreversible effect on historic architecture. Still one wonders what the members of the HPC would have decided if asked to grant a certificate of appropriateness for the Wedgwood blue being used to paint the window frames and sash on the very muscular Romanesque Revival armory.

The HPC approved Wedgwood blue for the metal louvers that will replace the second tier of windows on the Short Street side of the building, because the blue was meant to match other elements of the building, so perhaps we already have our answer.



  1. architects ego for ... compensation

  2. that bldg needs…something. It is gloomy and hulking.

  3. The mere fact this Historic Building, dodged a fatal bullet, by Galvan abandoning the Short Street 3 story Medical Bldg.- Extension that would have buried the
    West side of structure - with that HPC approved inexcusable design and done irreversible damage
    and that Galvan abandoned the HPC approved incongruous and fussy State St. entrance extravaganza - that would have also done irreversible damage; I can live with the odd blue trim, that can be changed in the future.