Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Eyes on the Street

Work began today on the new porticoes at 202 and 204 Warren Street, the Brousseau Buildings.

The design for the new porticoes, shown below, was granted a certificate of appropriateness by the Historic Preservation Commission more than a year ago. 

Unfortunately, the new porticoes bear only the vaguest resemblance to the original porticoes, documented in these photographs by Lynn Davis, from the monumental Warren Street Project. 

Copyright 1995 Lynn Davis

Copyright 1995 Lynn Davis
The original porticoes were removed soon after the buildings were purchased by Eric Galloway more than ten years ago. At the time, it was alleged that the essential elements of the porticoes--the columns--were in storage and would be returned, restored, to the buildings at some future time. That plan, if it ever existed, was soon abandoned in favor of a new design.



  1. The original porticos were architectural neoclassical confections set on blocks of white marble, but no one will ever get to experience their delicate stoic beauty ever again, thanks to Galvan, our king of asthetical dumbing down in his 'love' for all things 'Galvan'.

  2. So why does anyone else have to adhere to code in Hudson ?