Friday, August 21, 2015

Ear to the Ground

Gossips can finally report the news that has been roiling about since Monday. Victor Mendolia, Democratic candidate for Common Council president, is withdrawing from the race. Mendolia released this statement to Gossips and other media only minutes ago:
I recently found out that I will be needing surgery which could put me out of commission for some time at the peak of the upcoming campaign. So while I was looking forward to a robust airing of the issues facing the city, I have come to conclusion that my health must come first and I will not be campaigning for Common Council President. But what made my decision even easier is that I believe that Tom DePietro is committed to open government and a return to civility in the Common Council. Which is so desperately needed. So I will be throwing my support to electing Tom DePietro as Hudson’s next Common Council President. While it is too late to remove my name from the ballot, I hope that people will now unite around Tom and vote for him on the All-Hudson Party line. 

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