Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ear to the Ground

This just appeared in the Columbia and Northern Dutchess multiple real estate listings. The Savoia is for sale--the restaurant and the adjoining half of what was once the mansion of the original Proprietor Thomas Jenkins. Listing price: $950,000. 

The descriptive text reads in part, "Once the Tainted Lady Lounge and Howard Hotel . . . be a part of it!" Here are some pictures of the building in its previous iterations. Unfortunately, Gossips has no pictures of the Tainted Lady Lounge when it actually existed. Only pictures taken when it was no more. The picture of the Howard Hotel, however, was taken when the hotel was still operating.


Photographs courtesy Byrne Fone and Lisa Durfee

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  1. In a perfect world of my imagination the halves would be united again and the addition removed ...