Thursday, August 27, 2015

In Memoriam

Hudson has lost another well known and well loved dog: Archie.

Archie was a thoroughly Hudson dog. He came to live here as a puppy and spent all of his long and happy life in Hudson. His beautifully groomed, glossy, silky self was a constant presence at John Davis Gallery. Every morning, Archie and his human would walk the two blocks up Warren Street to work, and every evening, they would walk the two blocks down Warren Street and back home.

Sweet and beloved, Archie will be greatly missed by his human and by everyone who knew him or only saw him pass by on his regular walks.


  1. Sorry for your loss, JD.

    Archie was always a pleasure to meet on a walk.

  2. Archie a cheery pup was my favorite Hudson dog ... he was the gallery greeter ... art curator and patron of the arts ... he will be missed.

  3. Ah, Archie had the softest ears of any dog ever. And I loved those holiday portraits. So sorry, John, he was a sweetie. - Ruth, Tom and May

  4. Archie was a Hudson icon hugs and white light to you Awesome John, y'all were one of the sweetest matches of human and dog. xo Chelle