Monday, August 3, 2015

Protest Postponed

Victor Mendolia just announced that the Galvan Foundation is entering into negotiations with Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood "for a short term and long term solution." While those negotiations are going on, the march scheduled for August 5, to protest the eviction of Promise Neighborhood from the building owned by Galvan Housing Resources, has been postponed. 


  1. So Victor will not have to lead march against Galvan. Good news for Galvan consultant Rick Scalera, who was endorsed by the Hudson Dems and whom Victor presumably supports.

  2. I have no problem standing up to Galvan and/or Rick Scalera when I feel it is right to do so. I am happy that the pressure that I and others (especially Sarah Sterling) have brought to bear, has helped bring Galvan to the table.
    As far as the Hudson Dems endorsements. When the committee did not endorse either of the Scalera's and either of the Haddad's. I liked that the committee was looking to break from the two Hudson family dynasties and aimed toward new leadership. That would have been my preference.

  3. I thought the Hudson Dems did endorse Rick Scalera. Am I mistaken?

    1. You're not mistaken, olanafanatic. They did.

  4. Right Carole, and I am amused that the person endorsed by the Hudson Dems (effectively precluding a primary) for the Common Council President believes that the way to get things done in Hudson is by threatening a PROTEST MARCH (reminiscent of threatened hospital protest march that somehow morphed into a vigil) and then resolving the issue in a back room deal, to which the citizens are not invited. This is not the way forward for progress in Hudson.

  5. It would be nice if olanafanatic would identify herself as the wife of my potential opponent Tom DePietro. Or perhaps Tom is posting on his wife's account again.

    But the reality is that I had nothing to do with any agreement that Galvan and Promise Neighborhood were able to reach. I'm sure they would deny it, but if the threat of the protest helped bring Galvan to the table, what exactly would be wrong with that? Protests and the threat of protests have had effect throughout the history of equality and social justice movements. If they have their intended effect, what would be the point of holding them anyway?

  6. No problem Victor, my husband Tom DePietro is running against you for the position of Common Council President. I am his campaign manager, am writing a book about Olana, and served with you on the Hudson Forward committee on the weighted vote. Together this weekend Tom and I mused about how awkward it would be if you were to lead a march against the interests of Scalera, whom you had the Hudson Dems support for mayor when he ran a number of years ago for mayor, and whom the Hudson Dems have just endorsed again (right after you stepped down as chair). When I read here that the march was called off, I was even more amused, and made my first comment, without any discussion with Tom. My second comment did not have his input either. Frankly, I think you would have more chance with the women's vote if you gave women like me credit for having my own ideas.
    I am confused by your reference to Tom as your "potential opponent." Do you not know that he has got all the signatures for his petition that he needs, and already has the backing of some people in the gay and black community whom you might wrongly assume will back you. So I have outed myself--though you did already, but I think my handle was a give away anyway. By the way, whatever became of the weighted vote effort? I hear that Ricky didn't want it to go anywhere, and some aldermen you are friendly with have prevented the city from bringing an Article 78 proceeding. What up with that? Oh, and we could have this discussion privately on FB messenger if you hadn't unfriended me the day after Tom announced he was running against you.