Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fool Me Once . . .

After an extended hiatus, work has resumed at 215 Union Street--the house once believed would be the c. 1810 house that stood at 900 Columbia Street "reassembled." By the time the project came before the Historic Preservation Commission in January 2014, the notion of reassembling the 200-year-old house had been reduced to reusing some of the materials salvaged during its demolition: the bricks, the door surround, and the limestone window sills.

Yesterday, they started laying the brick veneer on the facade of the house, which has been under construction now for more than a year now. Gossips encourages everyone to walk by or drive by and decide for yourselves if the bricks being used are really the bricks from the house that was demolished at 900 Columbia Street.



  1. Absolutely everything that Galvan touches is frought with deceit ... absolutely EveryThing.

  2. The town looks on with a blind eye