Monday, August 3, 2015

Update on Promise Neighborhood

Gossips has just received word that Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood will be allowed to remain in their office at 6 South Second Street, at the same $800 rent, through December 2015. That, it seems, is the short term solution. Between now and the end of the year, they will be negotiating with Galvan Housing Resources to reach a long term solution.


  1. and the other 2 locally operated stores ?

  2. My neighbors live in one of the newly minted, Galvan Housing Authority and are being evicted, and relocated from their longtime homes.
    One small apt will go from $200 to $900 on the ground fl. and my other neighbors apt that is 2 floors..I have no idea. This is in a tough spot on the Trke Rte and 2nd ward N.Side invisible community.
    and I guess the State is OK with that. My neighbors
    and their children I have watched from being small kids to being now teens, will not get to come home, but live somewhere else, abruptly. I hope they are placed in nice homes house near their families , friends and neighborhood.I feel very bad for them.

  3. the "long term solution" will be when "somebody" gets the county to pay Promise rent, although higher but not as high as suggested. i wonder who could pull that off? that somebody will probably have to serve two masters, hmmm...both bosses happy, only one screwed is the other two stores and the taxpayer.