Friday, August 14, 2015

Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Once upon a time, the PARC Foundation (PARC = Planning and Art Resources for Communities) proposed an extensive redevelopment program for the north side of the city called Hudson 2 + 4.

The plan began in 2006, during Dick Tracy's administration, and was abandoned in 2009, during Rick Scalera's second to last term as mayor. As the PARC Foundation explains on its website, the project did not go forward because "we were not able to identify strong enough market support and financing for the proposed development." 

One element of the original plan, however, did go forward: the linear park connecting Warren Street with State Street in the middle of the 300 block. The first phase of the park, the part from Warren Street to Prison Alley, was completed in the summer of 2007. The remainder of the park was just completed recently.

Much has been said about the ramp on Columbia Street, which ended up being far more complicated with many more switchbacks than ever appeared in the renderings presented at public meetings.

With the park now complete, Mark Orton reports that he took the walk from State Street to Warren Street and offers his critique of the park on his blog, Mr. Wonderful's World"Accessibility in New Linear Park in Hudson."


  1. Coincidentally I also took a walk up said ramp last night.

    The construction is noteworthy which could be immensely improved if an open air roof covered the mass of steps and ramps.

    Would serve two purposes: 1) keep snow and rain to a minimum 2) would cover the sight of the event like a blanket 3) would transform it into a kinder gentler experience that would actually attract than repulse


    Mr "not-so-wonderful"

  2. the parc project is both 'laughable" and expensive. plus useless. welcome to the new hudson.