Saturday, August 8, 2015

Does Hudson Need an IDA?

To my knowledge, most of what the Hudson IDA (Industrial Development Agency) has done over the years has been to give PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) agreements to developers of low-income housing. At the moment, its only active project is Hudson Terrace, which has a PILOT with the City for its property taxes. For years, there has been talk of dissolving the IDA, but no action was ever taken. Recently the New York State Authorities Budget Office (ABO) recommended that the IDA be dissolved.

Sam Pratt has a post about the situation on this blog: "Eliminate Hudson agency, State recommends."

There is also an article by John Mason in today's Register-Star: "State to Hudson: Drop IDA."


  1. hudson has pretty much developed IN SPITE OF the investment of the local politicians. Hudson is about sweat equity and entrepreneurship. it is the American dream come to life one step at a time. The IDA and CEDC are bureaucratic devices that appeal to those other the people who are remaking Hudson into a new city.

    Hudson does not need any of these programs, or the housing programs or HDA or HCPDA -- they are all hype that fake us out.

  2. Been watching these crooks for thirty years now, the only industry they have (over)developed is tourism. Millions spent to change Hudson from a great place to live into a nice place to visit.

  3. All these alphabet agencies are no more than trick or treat vehicles, tricking the public to treat their crony friends with grant (tax)dollars.