Tuesday, September 8, 2015

All Good Things Must End . . .

Yesterday was not actually the last day of summer--the autumnal equinox is still fifteen days away--but it was the last day for something we Hudsonians associate with summer: LICK. Yesterday was the last day of the season for the beloved ice cream parlor.

Gossips has learned, however, that there is still ice cream left, and tomorrow, at a time still to be determined, LICK will reopen for a special "Thank You, Hudson" afternoon or evening. While supplies last, ice cream will be $1 a scoop and $5 a pint to celebrate eight great years of LICK.

This end-of-season sale is a tradition at LICK, and apparently for some, it's a challenge to see how much ice cream they can eat. The record is eight scoops for men--achieved only once--and six scoops for women--achieved annually by the same woman. You may want to see if you can break the record!

The sad news--sadder than the end of the ice cream season--is that the proprietors of LICK have sold the building at 253 Warren. The happy news is that they have arranged for LICK to survive, just not at that location. It will be somewhere on Warren Street, with the same hot pink walls and the same Jane's Ice Cream. Gossips will report where the new location is as soon as it is revealed. 

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  1. The end of the season for Lick is good news for the waistline.