Monday, September 28, 2015

Things You Don't Miss Until They're Gone

The little triangle at the intersection of State, Green, and Columbia streets has a name: Rogers Park. It has a history that's more than a century long, as evident from the 19th-century iron fence that surrounds it. It also had some lovely old rose bushes, but now the only things planted there are campaign signs.

This morning, a reader alerted Gossips to the fact the the rose bushes were gone, and indeed they are.

When and why the rose bushes were removed is not known, but it's regrettable. They were the best thing about this poor, sad little triangle, which now is graced only by the rather graceless classical "temple" that houses Hudson's "Olympic torch."

Hudson needs a Parks Commission.


  1. Hudson has been blessed with the abundance of her old profusely blooming roses. Remembrances of her more affluent past. Its the small things like these roses that bring unexpected joy to the casual glance. Yet another loss ... how sad for this town.

  2. Most of the pocket parks are terrible

  3. For years, even decades, we've been saying that Hudson needs a Parks Commission. But how is that done? What are the first steps required to create one?

    It seems like something a sympathetic mayor could have spearheaded, or is it properly the job of our more sympathetic Council members? (Of course in the end it must be both.)