Saturday, September 12, 2015

"I Didn't Get the Email"

Mayoral challenger, Tiffany Martin Hamilton and her campaign advisers have been pressing for debates with incumbent mayor William Hallenback, but with only fifty-two days left before the election, they still haven't settled on dates or locations. Hamilton's campaign managers have sent emails proposing dates; Hallenbeck claims not to have received them. His preferred forms of communication seem to be chance chats in parking lots or calls on his cell phone. John Mason tells the tale of attempted and missed communication in today's Register-Star: "Mayoral candidates look at 2 Oct. debates." (That's two debates in October not debates on October 2.)


  1. These appear as unforced errors by Hamilton's campaign managers. Documents of that importance should have been sent registered mail. The story paints a nice picture of the current officeholder, but it's of very limited use, or even no use.

  2. Claiming that all those emails may have gone to the spam "file" is lame at best. I check my spam folder daily. So we need to send communications about a debate schedule by registered mail (return receipt?), right here in River City? Wow.

  3. I will believe it when I hear it .