Saturday, September 5, 2015

Also on Lower Warren Street Today

When the party's over at the Savoia this afternoon, and Warren Street between Third and Second is reopened at 6 o'clock, there are two exhibition openings--one on the party block and one farther downstreet--which should not be overlooked.

Energy #1, 2003

At FRG, upstairs at 217 Warren Street, the exhibition Zen Dot Energy opens today, featuring the Zen Dot paintings of Merrill Steiger. Steiger deploys pointillism, scale shift, color harmony, and spatial involution to give the viewer a sense of hallucinatory vibration. "The obsessive detailing of the paintings emanates a universally understood electric current felt across cultural boundaries. The work seems to be in a continuous state of generative unfolding sustaining the eye and mind."

Three Totems, 2000

Experience these paintings for yourself at FRG tonight, at the opening reception, which takes place from 6 to 9 p.m. The exhibition Zen Dot Energy will continue through November.

Farther down Warren Street, at Jeff Bailey Gallery, 127 Warren Street, there is an opening reception for the exhibition Eat a Peach, featuring the work of Jim Gaylord, Douglas Melini, Loie Hollowell, and Carl D'Alvia. The paintings, works on paper, and sculpture that make up the exhibition "are linked by saturated color, textured surfaces, and replication of forms. Mirroring, symmetry, and tactility suggest both growth and abundance."

Jim Gaylord, Mermaid with Cowboy Boots, 2015

The opening reception for Eat a Peach is from 6 to 8 p.m. today. The exhibition continues through October 18.

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