Friday, September 25, 2015

Trees Down and Soon to Be Taken Down

Two trees at 238 Columbia Street, a vacant lot owned by Hudson Community Development & Planning Agency, were cut down today.

According to a press release from HCDPA received this morning, the trees were a sumac and a Norway maple--neither species much esteemed. HCDPA made known its intention to plant four new trees in an undisclosed local park to compensate for the loss of these two trees.

At the site today, Gossips learned that the large elm tree at the front of the lot (which appears in the foreground of the picture above) is dead and will be removed in the spring.


  1. Thank you, HCDPA, for stating your intended actions in a press release. That was respectful, and appreciated.

    Thank you for removing a Norway Maple, a detested, invasive, alien species. (Sumacs are important, and native too, but they're a dime-a-dozen.)

    And thank you, especially, for committing to planting anew.

    If it helps, an increasing number of Hudson residents would encourage you to use native species.

    We must all say goodbye to Hudson's last great elms, but they can be replaced with newer resistant varieties.

    1. thank you, unheimlich….couldn't have stated it better myself!

    2. I would imagine that removing those trees, dead or alive or not wanted for said reasons ..have a lot more to do with selling off, more of our green space. , for what we'll see.Press release most likely due to recent Gossip posts about cutting/trimming down trees . Sometimes things aren't what they appear to be. Who cares? Forget it Jake, it's just the Northside.

    3. probably clearing a lot for another Habitat house.

  2. Will this town ever do a jump start into the 21st c and leave the follies and foibles 70's behind ?