Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How's He Doin'?

Today, the following appears as a quarter page paid advertisement in the print version of the Register-Star. Gossips publishes it here as a public service. (Click on the image to enlarge.)

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  1. Any unbiased study of the historical use of city shore from 1870 until 1970 would show North Dock as a thriving point of river access, without any cost to tax payers.

    Now after forty-five years of threatened governmental restriction, brilliant people, citing their amazing power to recognize the obvious, speak of its decline.

    Until Mayor Allen began threatening restrictions, free and easy (unfettered) navigational use of city shore promoted maximum freedom, to interact with the Faithful Lady that is Nature. The river always provides...

    The ancient "Laws of Nature" were written by the creator and can not legally be rescinded by man. If either candidate wants to see the North Dock to thrive again, without cost to the tax payer, they need only get government out of the way, and let people once again flow freely.

    If less cost to the tax payer promotes more use, then both Mayoral candidates are consummately incorrect as they kick North Dock around like a political football.