Monday, September 21, 2015

Grant to Promote Cultural Tourism

Assemblymember Didi Barrett announced this morning that the Hudson Opera House has been awarded a $60,000 economic development grant. The grant will be used to commission a visitor demand study to assess the needs of tourism in the Upper Hudson Valley, to be conducted by George Wachtel of Audience Research & Analysis, who specializes in working with arts, cultural tourism, not-for-profit organizations, and retailers.

In the press release announcing the grant, Barrett states: "The Hudson Opera House has been a leader in the revitalization of historic downtown Hudson, which has rippled across the region. This funding will play a crucial role in drawing visitors to enjoy our historic and cultural assets--one of the economic drivers in our community."

HOH co-director Tambra Dillon commented: "As the City of Hudson and the Hudson Valley continue to attract new generations of artists and audiences, the creative economy spurring the region's renaissance is emerging as not only the core driver but also a highly transformative one, with the ability to attract new businesses and visitors to the area."


  1. The needs of tourism in Columnia Couty are vast, even though the olde Hudsonians in power deny the very existence of tourism in the City and the County.

    That being said, I'm not sure a taxpayer funded study to the tune of $60K is necessary when the needs and lack of facilities, etc. are plainly evident.

  2. Glad for the grant, but I'm not clear on the new co-director. Did I miss a personnel change?

    1. I think you did, Hudson DAR. Tambra Dillon has been part of the HOH staff for quite a while now, joining it, if memory serves, early in 2014.