Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Playing the Angles

In the First Ward, the Democratic primary on September 10 will decide who represents the ward on the Common Council. The two Democrats who win in the primary will be unopposed in the general election in November. No other party has fielded candidates in the First Ward.

In the Fourth Ward, things are more complicated. No matter what the outcome of the primary, there will be a race in November. Derrick Smart has been endorsed by the Republicans, and Lauren Scalera, who is challenging the two candidates who were endorsed by the HCDC (Hudson City Democratic Committee), is also hoping to get on the ballot as a Republican. Following her father's example, Scalera is trying to get her name on the ballot as many times as possible. She already has the Independence line and made an unsuccessful attempt to secure the Conservative line. Rich Volo has a fallback, too. In addition to being endorsed by the HCDC, he's been endorsed by the Working Families Party. The only person in the Fourth Ward Democratic primary who will be off the ballot in November if she doesn't win in the primary is incumbent Fourth Ward alderman Alexis Keith. Perhaps for this reason, Keith is trying to cover all her bases. 

Her name appears with Rich Volo's on signs provided by the HCDC. Her name also appears with Lauren Scalera's on signs that Rick Scalera was positioning around the Fourth Ward last week.

With the exception of one sign stuck in the ground in front of the newly renovated house at the corner of State and Short streets, all the Keith/Scalera signs appear to be positioned on property owned by the City of Hudson or the Galvan Foundation.

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