Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Issues Mayoral: Mark Your Calendars

Justin Weaver announced this morning on Weather with Weaver that next Wednesday, September 23, Mayor William Hallenbeck will be the guest, for an entire hour, on Something to Talk About, the WGXC show Weaver hosts with Columbia County clerk Holly Tanner. Two weeks later, on Wednesday, October 7, the first live, on air debate between Hallenbeck and his Democratic challenger, Tiffany Martin Hamilton, will take place on Weaver and Tanner's show. Something to Talk About is broadcast from 10 to 11 a.m. on 90.7 FM or online at


  1. Two questions that might be asked of both mayoral candidates: 1) How will the Columbia Land Conservancy promote further use of North Dock, when their paid staff does not intend do maintenance there and; 2) did either candidate receive campaign donations from the CLC?

  2. Replies
    1. That hasn't been announced, but I'm assuming it's Justin Weaver and Holly Tanner.

      Justin? You want to weigh in here?

  3. Myself and Holly are the moderators and welcome questions from all of you!

  4. Can we go to the Radio Station to be an audience for this debate?

  5. I like Ruth's idea -- especially given that Holly Tanner is going to be a moderator. I like Holly: she's friendly, seems rather efficient in her job (even if Col. Co.'s vital records are not nearly as accessible as other NYS counties' online). But she's a high-ranking elected member of one of the 2 major parties -- how can she possibly be an impartial moderator? Frankly, this smacks of crony politics particularly as she's a known supporter of our current mayor. I'm afraid this will devolve into political theater rather quickly, and is simply another aspect of the mayor's refusal to engage in an honest, open debate with his opponent. Why not have a guest moderator who can insure impartiality? The voters and other citizens of Hudson deserve better than what appears to be in the offing.

  6. This "debate" is actually more of a conversation....a get to know the candidates. There are 2 "official" debates happening in October....time and location yet to be determined, which Holly and I are not part of. Holly and I have a radio show and our job is to have guests to chat with on our show. Having Mayor Bill Hallenbeck and Tiffany Martin Hamilton as guests on the show is great for all involved. Tiffany and Bill have agreed on a format and will agree on the topics they will discuss. If you have listened to our show you will know that even though we may have serious chats with serious guests we mix it up with humor and keep it light and that is what we hope to do with this upcoming show as well. As far as coming to the station as an audience for the debate Ruth, I am not sure about that as there is very little room in the studio. I will have to find out if people can sit in the adjacent room during the show.