Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Where We Don't Want Hudson to Be Reported

The situation at the waste water treatment plant has been reported, as required by law, on NY-Alert.


  1. But when you pan out from Hudson on that NY-Alert map, you see that 3/5 of the New York State is under a similar alert today. Hudson's contribution is a tiny drop in the bucket.

    When it rained heavily on September 12, lots of municipalities had sewer overflow events like the one we had today, and so did Hudson.

    Two days later, Riverkeeper found high enterococcus counts north of us at Coeyman's Landing (411), and south of us at Catskill Creek (2,420).

    Everywhere in-between tested by Riverkeeper was rated as "acceptable" (between 0-60).

    Let's be responsible, and try to place all of today's sensational reports into a proper perspective.

    We DO want these events to be reported (one was not reported lat week, which was wrong!), and we DO want all of the data we can get. That's how science keeps things in perspective.

  2. In my previous comment (above), I was wrong about the percentage of municipalities reporting their CSOs. People are not reporting when they should be, because they can get away with it.

    We should thank our DPW for doing the right thing.

  3. Strange that the State would designate the North Bay as a "fishing area" when HPD has orders from Hallenbeck to remove (at gun point) anybody "caught" fishing there!