Friday, September 11, 2015

In Praise of Trees

This afternoon, WAMC's Earthwise reported about a study done by University of Chicago researchers on the impact of street trees on the real and perceived health of residents of Toronto, Canada: "Street Trees Are Good for Us." More evidence (as if more were needed) that we should be planting street trees in Hudson and zealously protecting those we already have.



  1. Thank you for posting. I was amazed by an old photo you posted here, how beautiful Columbia St. looked when it was tree lined.It was a post about restoration on Church steeple on N 6th & Columbia, photo looking down street.I wish you would post it again
    Trees make such a difference, not just because they are so beautiful, but they help us & the environment in so many, many ways and we need them and we need to protect them.

  2. Carole, Thanks so much for your wonderful praise of trees. As a Hudson resident having written a book called "The Sacred Language of Trees," I appreciate your concern and second it fully. The more trees on streets in Hudson, the better. Thanks again, Tad Mann

  3. Sacred is good, and so is the practical function of trees in urban settings as enormous water engines for shedding excess precipitation.

    No one should be talking about sewer separation who doesn't understand that about trees, their sacredness notwithstanding.

  4. Yes. This is the terrible disconnect our Common Council seems to be in: the obvious benefit of trees (and clean air) with the obvious desecration of the North Bay with this sewer project. We have 2 cities: one living in the 50s and the other in aughts. I'm rooting for the aughts.

    1. We're halfway through the second decade of the 21st century! For god's sake, let's move us all into the teens!