Thursday, September 17, 2015

Meet the Candidate

Yesterday, on the WGXC show @Issue, Debby Mayer, with co-host Peter Jung, interviewed Tom DePietro, who is running for Common Council president as a candidate on his own party line, the All Hudson Party. DePietro explains the job of the Council president and tells some of the things he would like to accomplish if elected. Also during the hour-long program, Jung talks about the Hudson cemetery and his efforts to restore and maintain this historic open space.

The show has been archived and can be heard by clicking here.


  1. Go Tom! We have a chance with DePietro at the helm of the CC to bring some rational management and leadership to a Common Council that is beset with irrational, tribal, and hypocritical practices that prevent Hudson from being the wonderfully liveable small town that it could be. Go Tom!