Wednesday, September 2, 2015

For Democrats in the First and Fourth Wards

If you missed "The Primary Show" this morning on WGXC's @Issue, you can hear it online by clicking here. Hosts Debby Mayer and Rob Bujan speak with Democratic primary candidates Michael O'Hara, Nick Haddad, and Rick Rector from the First Ward, and Rich Volo and Alexis Keith from the Fourth Ward. Lauren Scalera (Fourth Ward), who couldn't be present, submitted a written statement.


  1. Happy days are here again! Love the musical accompaniment.

    Clarifications: It was suggested that the Independence and Working Families parties' primaries in Greenport are for the first election district only; that's not correct; those primaries are town wide. It was also suggested that the Hudson Fifth Ward Republican primary is for 5-1 only; it's not; it's for the entire ward (5-1 and 5-2).

    Thanks to wonderful interviewers Debby and Rob!

  2. Sounds like Michael O'Hara deserves one of the seats for the First Ward.