Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What's Happened to Marina Abramovic?

Photo: Chad Weckler
This question has been asked more than a few times in recent weeks. Last week there was even a totally unsubstantiated rumor getting limited circulation that the Rock Solid Church was looking to buy the old Community Theatre. To satisfy your curiosity and allay your fears, Chad Weckler went out to Abramovic's home in Malden Bridge yesterday and recorded an interview with Abramovic. The interview can be heard tomorrow, Thursday, September 3, from 2 to 3 p.m. on Weckler's WGXC radio show The Art of the Hudson Valley. WGXC is at 90.7 FM or online at


  1. If she cant deal with the cost of asbestos removal how is she ever going to make that $22,000,000 performing arts center installation ever happen ?

  2. Vince, where did you see/hear she can't/won't do the asbestos removal? And the $22 million... never mentioned in my interview!

  3. In your interview she immediately blamed asbestos and the sewage pipe and their costs as reasons why nothing has happened to the building.

    The $22 million was from her original proposal for the Institute, which wasn't mentioned in you interview , which I also found interesting .

  4. If you found asbestos in your building, would you open it to the public?

    She will address the asbestos and she states the building will be open next year for a free workshop to Hudson residents.

    I would imagine if there was a full asbestos inspection of every building in Hudson, asbestos would be found in many buildings.

    1. Well I guess none of that will ever happen.

  5. The building was open for years of business under "KEYSTONE."