Saturday, September 19, 2015

"The Ideal of Quiet and of Genteel Retirement"

Not long ago, Gossips reported that the "No Dogs on Lawn" signs in Washington Square, a.k.a. Courthouse Square, had been replaced with signs advising dog walkers to clean up after their canine companions. Now the transformation of what was once dubbed "Negativity Park" into a more welcoming and usable public green space has taken another step forward.

Not long ago, the gazebo was encircled by a chain, and there were chains at both sets of stairs giving access to the interior. Today, not only are the chains gone, but the gazebo has been fitted with benches to allow people to sit in its shelter and enjoy the cool and green surroundings of the square.

The benches, which were designed and constructed pro bono by Joe Rapp, are a gift from Carrie, Nick, and Henry Haddad.

The title of this post is from Washington Square, by Henry James


  1. A nice change that makes the Friendly City a bit more friendly. Thank you to the Haddad family. A nice gift to all of us.

  2. Went by this evening about 6pm. Two people were sitting on the benches . First time in my six years in Hudson I have ever seen anyone in the gazebo. Great

  3. Thank you Nick, Carrie, and Henry Haddad!

  4. it's the littlest things like this done well that make the biggest difference, thank you!

  5. thanks to the haddad family and columbia county...a much friendlier addition to the friendly city!