Monday, August 7, 2017

Lawyering Up

Tonight, at the informal Common Council meeting, a resolution was introduced to authorize the transfer of $50,000 from the Fund Balance to Attorney Fees. The resolution, which will be voted on at the regular meeting of Council on Tuesday, August 15, was not specific about how the money was to be used, but the salient Whereases in the resolution are these:
WHEREAS, there are issues related to the current activity adjacent to our waterfront and the South Bay, and the subsequent effects to our environment, adjacent properties, City assets, and public safety, and
WHEREAS, the Mayor has consulted with various City Leaders and community stakeholders, and believes the City must set aside funds to pay for the services of attorneys and experts (legal and otherwise) to help the City navigate this tenuous situation and ensure that the City's interests--including future economic development opportunities, and preservation and optimal public use of our precious natural resources--are best protected. . . .
When asked to comment on the resolution, Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton, without making reference specifically to the Colarusso haul road proposal, spoke of a situation that "affects us now and will affect us forever."


  1. Ominous? I'm sure that any municipality hoping to locate the boundaries of its zoning districts expects to go through a bunch of lawyers on the way. In Hudson anyway, it takes priestcraft to interpret the Zoning Code. Either that or a useful village idiot.