Saturday, August 5, 2017

"There Oughta Be a Law"

Last Sunday's post about HCDPA (Hudson Community Development & Planning Agency) inspired one commenter, citing the warehousing of buildings that's been going on in Hudson, to declare, "There oughta be a law!" Well, just such a law is on its way.

At the last Common Council Legal Committee meeting, the members of the committee present--Michael O'Hara, chair; Priscilla Moore and Tiffany Garriga--voted to move forward to the full Council proposed legislation intended to "encourage the rehabilitation and re-occupancy of vacant buildings." The legislation, as it is proposed, would require the owner of a vacant building to register the building and pay a fee every six months for as long as the building remains unoccupied.

The Legal Committee also moved forward two other pieces of legislation. One would prohibit people who are in arrears with their property taxes or have outstanding violations of any local laws or ordinances from applying for a building permit, certificate of appropriateness, or certificate of occupancy. The second piece of legislation would amend the zoning code to waive the offstreet parking requirement for apartments located in the basements of buildings or in accessory buildings. The intent of this legislation is to promote more affordable housing in Hudson.

All three proposed new laws will be presented to the full Council at its informal meeting on Monday, August 7.

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  1. Monday August 7 - powerful lunar eclipse - perfect timing