Friday, August 25, 2017

Of Interest

Screen capture: Sacramento Bee
It's not often the Sacramento Bee includes something of particular interest to us in Hudson, but two days ago it did. An article entitled "Did quest to become a 'baroness' trip up movie studio promoter? Feds want her jailed," which appeared in the Bee on August 23, tells the story of Carissa Carpenter, who for sixteen years . . . "has peddled her glitzy dream of building a massive movie studio in the rural reaches of Northern California, hopscotching from town to town in search of the ideal location." According to the article, she moved to Hudson last week. Whether she actually moved to Hudson or just moved into the 12534 zip code is not known. When you read the article, it's also recommended that you watch the video, from which the picture above is a screen capture.

Thanks to Seth Rogovoy for bringing this to Gossips' attention

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  1. Maybe she can hook up with Abramovic and make Hudson even more groovy.