Friday, August 18, 2017

Ten-Digit Phone Numbers Starting Tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, August 19, if you want to call a friend, call the police, call to make a dinner reservation, call to order a pizza, call anyone within the 518 area code, you will have to press ten digits--the area code 518 and the phone number. If you don't dial 518 before the number, you will get a recording informing you that you must. 

This is in preparation for an area code overlay. The part of New York that now has the area code 518 will soon have two area codes: 518 and 838. Starting on September 19, new numbers issued will have the 838 area code. 

There is no need to dial 1 when calling numbers with the area code 518 or 838. However, for every other area code--917 being a frequent one--you must dial 1.

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