Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Watch for Yourselves

Dan Udell's videotape of last night's informal Common Council meeting is now available on YouTube. Click here to watch. Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton's comments about the requested transfer of $50,000 to Attorney Fees can be heard at 10:33. Before the meeting began, the mayor submitted a written report to the Common Council on the status of the ramp at Promenade Hill, which Alderman Tiffany Garriga (Second Ward) demanded she read aloud for the camera. That reading and the exchange that preceded it begins at 13:00.


1 comment:

  1. Hudson has always been a tough place. Perhaps I should re-phrase that: Hudson used to be a tough place; now it is a mean spirited place.

    Again, for those elected officials who should understand the process, but apparently don't:
    When goals, promises or guarantees are made by a mayor, any generic mayor, and during that mayor's term, those goals, promises or guarantees aren't achieved or delivered, that mayor is rightly open to criticism by the media and citizenry. And on the flip side, when some terrific agenda item is realized, the mayor gets the credit.

    So, while that shout out to Ms. Salvino for her good work, persistence and success was absolutely appropriate, that unnecessary, nasty shot at the currently seated mayor was simply small minded and adolescent.

    It is continually shocking when boys raised by educated, smart, accomplished women find it impossible to respectfully deal with other educated, smart, accomplished women.

    Good, great job Mayor Hamilton and Ms. Salvino.