Saturday, August 12, 2017


Gossips was present at the First Annual OutHudson Parade Awards Ceremony back on June 26 and that same night reported who had won the awards in the eight pre-announced categories as well as two that hadn't been announced: the Best Dressed Business Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award. But alas, after dithering too long donning my "best evening eleganza" for the gala event, I arrived late and missed another award that had not been previously announced: Honorable Mention. It was only this past week it was confirmed that Honorable Mention had gone to the Gossipsmobile, this year featuring "Parade Joey."

This week, I took possession of the Honorable Mention Biv--a lavish and glittering example of Pooky Amsterdam's amazing cookie art!

Gossips' gratitude goes to everyone involved in organizing the OutHudson Parade and especially to Andrea Elliot for orchestrating the awards, Drop Forge & Tool for crafting them, and Pooky Amsterdam for her part in creating this particular one.

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