Friday, August 18, 2017

Now We're the Sixth Borough

Another article about Hudson, which appeared in City Journal, has come to my attention. It stresses Hudson's colorful past and makes me wonder if I was really here for the past twenty-four years: "The Sixth Borough: How Hudson, New York, went from faded industrial town to hipster haven."


  1. Thank God there's no mention of those absurd antiques dealers who discovered Hudson, and attracted all those oh so famous people who came to Hudson because of them and their tireless efforts to bring this city back from the depths of despair.

  2. Thank God the author cited (a few) specific anecdotes of how locals, apparently now the servant class if you're
    not part of the creative class, are treated and thought about.

    Useful to antique dealers for instance, when a truck needs to be unloaded, something heavy needs to be moved, or some clean up needs to be done. A necessary transaction. Do they wonder where these guys live in the dark, stormy, bitter cold days of Winter?
    Do they care?

    And, it is more than likely it will be one of those speeding Audis, BMWs, Land Rovers or Mercedes, careening down Warren, Union or Allen Street, PASSING local traffic, because they are late for their train, who will end up maiming or killing a young child or an elderly walker.

    Hasn't there already been decades of photo shoots and media interviews and opinion pieces about the "antique dealers who discovered Hudson"? Is life long adulation required?

    Hudson was always a tough city; now it's just a mean-spirited place.

    1. people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw bricks

  3. Unknown,

    Sorry that you're not happy about the fact that the creative class has discovered Hudson, restored much of the architecture, strengthened the tax base, and brought back some measure of respectability to this little city. Given that manufacturing jobs have gone off to the Third World, I'd like to hear about your alternative economic scheme for Hudson.