Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Railroad and the Rock Face

Gossips has been reporting on the situation for three weeks, but today the Register-Star finally caught up with the story: "DOT issues stop-work order at Hudson riverfront." 

Anyone observing what's been going on there every day since the stop-work order was issued has to wonder what part of "stop work" the contractor doesn't understand. On Monday, they started spraying the shotcrete. Fortunately, that work was halted when the Department of Transportation and Amtrak were made aware of it.

Although they are no longer spraying shotcrete, work of some sort continues. The picture below was taken this morning.



  1. It's nice to see how quickly we went from "we can't do anything about it" to a stop-work order, even if honored for now only in the breech. --peter meyer

  2. The new patch of shotcrete is not as near to the tracks as the greater part of the cliff beneath the Promenade.

    If it's only flaking shale they're worried about, then there's plenty of room between the tracks and the cliff base where they've just sprayed the stuff. I've gone fossil-hunting all along in there.

    If it's no more than flaking shale, then don't accept the explanation that they were particularly worried about that one area. They just wanted to get the project started.

    Also, what we see now is only the first coat. It won't look anything like that when it's finished, although the workmen informed me that it will be the same dark color.

  3. First, Carole, thanks so much for following this story. Well done, appreciated.

    Obviously DOT/AMTRAK wanted to finish this project before anyone knew they had started. DOT wants to do this at 10 locations from Germantown up to Schodack. DOTs FRA grant application specifies consultation with local elected officials, but I guess they forgot. I don't have a problem with the vegetation removal, but turning the cliff into a black concrete wall is bonkers.

    I'm almost glad they did a small area, because now everyone can see what it looks like (bad!). And by violating the stop-work order, it's also clear what we're dealing with.

    1. kc--I haven't been able to find the grant application you reference. Please email me at with the link. Many thanks!