Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Outrageous Quotes

This morning, Chris Cillizza of CNN published: "Donald Trump's 57 most outrageous quotes from his Arizona speech." Last night at the Greenport Planning Board meeting, Michael Bucholsky and Ed Stiffler cited two quotes from Hudson's Downtown Revitalization Initiative application that seem outrageous given that the Colarusso haul road in still under review by the Hudson Planning Board: "city officials and neighboring business owners support the expansion of Colarusso" (page 18); and "Key improvements to be considered . . . reduction of truck traffic through residential areas of the BRIDGE District by re-routing Colarusso trucks onto a widened two-way haul road at the City's south border" (page 47).

Here's another outrageous statement from the DRI application--outrageous for its pollyannaish quality: "On any given fair weather Saturday, brides in their gowns might pose for photos at Basilica Hudson, while just outside gravel is delivered by truck from the Colarusso quarry to the deep water port across Front Street" (page 37). That statement is found in a paragraph that begins: "Hudson's BRIDGE District has the look and feel of the post-industrial cityscape that millennials seek in neighborhoods like Brooklyn's Greenpoint and DUMBO . . . except in Hudson, "post" doesn't quite apply. Hudson is an authentic working city with a working waterfront."

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