Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Latest Word from the HPD

Gossips just received the following press release from Chief Ed Moore. He stressed that there have so far been no arrests for the shootings; all the arrests reported in the press release have been made in the course of the investigation.
On Tuesday, August 22, 2017, at 8:41 p.m., HPD responded to a call that a man has been shot at 29 N. Third St. A Hudson Police Sgt who was patrolling the area arrived on the scene 90 seconds later and found Kevin L. Whitening , 31 years old, of 15 N. Front St, Hudson, severely wounded with a gunshot wound to the chest. He was given emergency treatment at Columbia Memorial Hospital but succumbed to his wound later that even,ing.
Members of HPD, New York State Police, Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, Greenport Police Department, and the Columbia County District Attorney’s Office were on scene throughout the night as evidence was collected and interviews were conducted.
On Wednesday August 23, 2017, HPD detained three “persons of interest” in this matter. After interviews were conducted all but one were released. D-Quann S. Powell of N. Second Street, Hudson, was arraigned in Hudson City Court and remanded to jail without bail on a fugitive from justice warrant stemming from an incident in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey (original charge 2C:20-10B “Unlawful Taking of a Motor Vehicle").
Later on Wednesday, August 23, 2017, information was developed that led detectives to secure a search warrant from Columbia County Judge Richard M. Koweek for residences 525, 527, 527½ State Street. Officers were looking for weapons and evidence of the recent shootings. At 7:43 p.m., teams from the New York State Police SORT team and Columbia-Greene Shared Services entered the homes and a thorough search was conducted by HPD Detectives, Columbia County Sheriff’s Investigators and NYSP Investigators. Arrested were:
Johnny L. Copeland, age 28, of State Street, Hudson--Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 7th (cocaine)
Kevron T. Lee, age 24, of State Street, Hudson--Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 7th (methadone)
An 18-year-old female resident of Warren Street was also arrested for Possession of a Weapon 4th Degree (collapsible baton)
Six other people were detained and later released from custody without charges.
The following is a timeline of firearm incidents in the City of Hudson….
05/01/17--8:15 p.m.   William “Whoody” Morrison shot in the back near the intersection of N. Fifth and State Streets. Investigation open
05/20/17--11:43 p.m.  Numerous shots fired in front of Half Moon Bar. A 45-caliber handgun and bags of cocaine and heroin were seized. Arrests pending
07/13/17--9:03 p.m.  Numerous shots fired behind Bliss Towers, 41 N. Second Street, Hudson. Investigation open
08/12/17--9:00 p.m.  A van driven by Sara A. Butler, 28 years old of Stockport, with Johnny L. Copeland, 28 years old of Hudson, and a small child as passengers, comes under fire on Rope Alley near the 500 block of State Street. Butler is severely wounded in the shoulder. Investigation open
08/13/17--8:47 p.m.  Shots fired toward a porch at 543 State St., where numerous people are congregating. Bullets strike a 2-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy. 37-year-old LaToya M. Brandow of Hudson is struck in the leg.  Investigation is open
08/18/17--8:04 a.m.  Michael A Johnson, 31 years old, of North Second St., Hudson, arrested in Long Alley (near 29 N. Second St.) for possession of a loaded, stolen .380 handgun.
“The continued targeted violence between two rival groups has led us to where we are today, with the murder of a person on our streets. The Hudson Police Department, reinforced by the NY State Police, Columbia County Sheriff, and various federal, state, and local authorities are using every investigative tool available. Arrests will not be made in one day with order instantly restored. We will use a methodical, consistent, and untiring approach to bring these criminals down. The Police Department has gotten the full support of our Mayor, as well as our City Council and Supervisors. Hudson residents will notice increased patrols, as we have invoked an emergency clause within the police contract to extend their tours of duty. This comes with the full enthusiastic approval of our officers and the police union. They are working very hard.
"These are difficult cases and we absolutely need help from our citizens. Many residents have information and have not called. If you have any knowledge of these events or a tip, please call one of our Detectives at (518)828-3388.” --Chief Moore 

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