Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tonight on State Street

At approximately 10 p.m., Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton shared this information about the police activity that took place tonight in the 500 block of State Street.
Following the recent spate of gun violence in the City of Hudson, the Columbia-Greene Shared Services Team and New York State Police conducted a raid at 537 State Street at 7:43 p.m. tonight. The operation focused on apprehending suspects and gathering further evidence related to the three shootings that have occurred in the City over the past two weeks. The three shootings resulted in the injury of two young children and two adults, and a fatality last night. Numerous people were placed under arrest tonight, and the residence is being searched at this time. Tonight's raid follows the apprehension of three suspects this morning, all of whom remain in custody.
Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton and Police Chief L. Edward Moore issued the following statement:
“We recognize the strain these recent incidents have put on the community, and are focusing every available resource on quickly bringing this investigation to a close and ensuring public safety. All officers are working extended shifts to provide maximum coverage. The Columbia County Sheriff’s Department, New York State Police, and federal law enforcement agencies have provided a tremendous amount of support to the City throughout this rapidly developing situation. We are truly grateful for their assistance.
"These incidents have affected the entire community, and we hope that after today’s actions everyone will have a better sense of the progress that’s being made behind the scenes to end this senseless violence in Hudson. Please know that our thoughts are with the families of each of the victims. HPD will not rest until every person involved is apprehended.”
If you have any information that might be helpful to HPD in this investigation, please call (518) 828-3388.

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