Saturday, May 25, 2019

A Small Win for the Environment

If you bought cookies from Trixie's Oven this morning at the Hudson Farmers Market, you may have noticed that the bag that held those tasty, "baked with love only this morning" treats was a bit different. That's because Rich Volo, the master baker and CEO at Trixie's Oven, has ditched plastic bags, which survive in landfills for centuries, in favor of eco-friendly bags made from natural renewable materials that are compostable and biodegradable.  

Today, the peanut butter cookies and some of the chocolate chip cookies were in the new packaging. Next week, all Trixie's cookies will be. Another reason (as if you needed another) to buy Trixie's cookies: your self indulgence won't do long-lasting harm to the environment. 


  1. Would love for Trixie to share where he buys these eco-friendly bags? Spread the good news so others can take advantage!


  3. Eco-friendly, compostable bags are $29/100 bags or .29/bag

    Plastic bags are $44 for 1000 bags, or about .04/bag.

    There is a significant price difference, plus, it's not easy to find the size/style of eco-friendly bags that you need.

    However, you also have to consider the cost of having a plastic bag sit in a landfill or the ocean for the next 400 years....

    1. What about all the political lawn signs that crop up this time of year? When will they be available as a non-plastic recyclable material? BILL HUSTON

    2. I do not know about the rest, but as for mine, I make them generic. I take mine in and I reuse the ones from the last campaign.

  4. This is great! Would love it in all our consumer packaging. Perhaps price would go down once it becomes universal. Worth it for the planet!