Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Funding for Festivals and Events

After a lot of angst and dissension, the $20,000 to support local festivals and events is once again available this year, for what will probably be its last year. The Common Council Finance Committee is distributing the $20,000, which comes from the percentage of revenue from the lodging tax which was the Tourism Board's to spend, rather than the general city budget as it has in the past.

The deadline for applying for funding is Friday, June 14. Guidelines for making your application are available here. Applications must address these six questions:
  1. Why do you think the City should sponsor your event?
  2. What does your event contribute to the city?
  3. How will you let people know about your event?
  4. Who else is helping to fund your event?
  5. Have you produced events in the past? If so, please elaborate.
  6. What is the estimated size of your event?    
It was rumored that, without funding from the City, which in 2018 was $850, there would be no Hudson Halloween parade this year. If the rumor is true, Gossips hopes the organizers of the parade will reconsider and apply for funding again this year to make the event happen in 2019.

Photo: Andy Milford

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