Thursday, May 30, 2019

Stewart's in Altamont

Stewart's Shops plan for expansion in Hudson is enjoying clear sailing. The Common Council amended the zoning to accommodate Stewart's. The Planning Board, after working to make it almost as good as it could be (the perfect being the enemy of the good), gave the site plan conditional approval. The Legal Committee agreed to move the proposed host community benefit agreement--$200,000 to make pedestrian enhancements to the intersection and to fund a planning study--on to the full Council for approval.

In the Village of Altamont, however, where Stewart's has been trying since 2015 to expand its gas station and convenience store--an expansion plan that involved, as it did here, a zoning change and the acquisition and demolition of a two-family house--things are not going as well. Earlier this month, Gossips reported that a citizens' group was suing the village Board of Trustees and Stewart's over the zoning change. Today, the Altamont Enterprise reports that the Zoning Board in Altamont voted unanimously to overturn the village building inspector's classification of the proposed project as a convenience store rather than a gas station: "Altamont board overturns building inspector on Stewart's designation."

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  1. Hudson doesn't have as much sense. We don't know what's good for us, obviously.