Saturday, May 4, 2019

Stewart's Shops Elsewhere Revisited

This morning, as I was searching for a parking space near the farmers market, a reader hailed me down and handed me a page from the Business section of yesterday's Times Union, telling me, "You need to read that." When I realized what he wanted me to read, I also realized that he had probably missed my post on ThursdayThe page contained a story by Brian Nearing about the lawsuit citizens in Altamont have filed against Stewart's Shops and the Village of Altamont Board of Trustees over the zoning change made to accommodate Stewart's plan for expansion in their village.

Photo: Michael Koff|Altamont Enterprise
On Thursday, I provided the link to the story that appeared that day in the Altamont Enterprise: "Altamont residents sue to reverse Stewart's rezone." Today, I provide the link to the story that appeared yesterday in the Times Union: "Store plan spurs lawsuit." (The online version has the head: "Neighbors sue over Altamont Stewart's plan.") In the Times Union article, one of the residents filing the lawsuit is quoted as saying something we all should remember (substitute Hudson for Altamont): "Once the fabric and character of Altamont begins to unravel, there is no easy way to reverse the damage."

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  1. Exactly. This is the point I tried to get across at the meeting. Hudson just doesn't get it, and the planning committee should not be proceeding. The zoning should never have been changed for this project. It sets a terrible precedent and tearing down low cost housing also makes no sense.