Tuesday, May 28, 2019

About Those Bounty Hunters in Town

Yesterday, Gossips linked to a report on 98.5 The Cat about a bizarre incident that happened on Sunday night at the lower end of Allen Street. Today, the Hudson Police Department issued the following press release.
On Sunday, May 26, at 9:03 p.m., Columbia County 911 contacted HPD and reported three females were chasing a man in the area of Front Street near the Basilica. Patrols arrived and identified the three females as “bail agents,” duly licensed by the State of Tennessee. Their target had allegedly brandished a knife and stated he would kill everybody, or do “suicide by cop,” before he would let them bring him back to jail in Tennessee.
Hudson police officers Strattman and Roberts chased after the man and caught up to him in front of #3 Allen Street, where they took him into custody without incident. At first, officers believed the man was bleeding, only to discover that he was covered in pepper spray. They were informed that one of the bail agents had pepper sprayed the man after he allegedly threatened her with a knife. The man, in fact, had four knives in his possession when officers searched him.
Arrested was Randolph W. Baker, 51 years old, of Allen Street, Hudson. He was charged with Menacing 2nd, an A misdemeanor, and Criminal Possession of a Weapon 3rd (previous conviction), a D felony. While in HPD custody, Baker complained of irritation due to the pepper spray. Greenport Rescue Squad transported him to Columbia Memorial Hospital, where he was treated and released back to HPD custody. Baker was arraigned in front of City Court Judge John Connor and was remanded to the Columbia County Jail in lieu of $500 bail.
A HPD sergeant confirmed that Mr. Baker had an active warrant issued by the State of Tennessee for weapons charges. The warrant did not authorize extradition from outside Tennessee.
“The best I can tell, the three female bounty hunters were acting pursuant to the bail agreement Mr. Baker signed. However, we are not too familiar with bounty hunters in our area. Especially when they show up here with a police SWAT type vehicle, pepper spray, and a big dog. Our concern is simply public safety . . . to include our residents, the bail agents, and even Mr. Baker. I can easily see this situation getting out of hand, and I commend the quick response of Officers Strattman and Roberts, as well as Sergeant Hodges’ patience to secure the scene and deliberately sort this thing out.”--Chief Ed Moore
There actually is no 3 Allen Street, so the man was probably apprehended in front of this house, 13 Allen Street, the first house on the south side of Allen Street.

Gossips Update: It appears that Baker made bail. It has been reported that he was sighted on Warren Street and on Allen Street this afternoon.

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  1. I accidentally came upon this scene Sunday night while walking my dog Brioche. As I turned the corner at the Half moon on to Allen Street, 3 women were yelling at this man and aiming their guns at him. The guns had a red laser at their tips so were easy to see. One woman coming down Allen was aiming at him, and had he continued down the street, she would have been aiming straight at me. It was terrifying. I don't think we should have bounty hunters aiming their weapons on Memorial day Weekend next to a popular night spot.