Sunday, May 12, 2019

Of Interest

This picture of the winning sculpture in the 2019 Texas SandFest, which took place last month, has been popping up on Facebook for a while now. On this cold, wet May day, Gossips is inspired to share it. The sculpture is called Liberty Crumbling, and its creator is Canadian sculptor Damon Langlois.

Photo: Kรคstle
The Texas SandFest takes place every April in Port Aransas, a town that was devastated in late August 2017 by Hurricane Harvey. The SandFest even took place in 2018, just eight months after the Category 4 storm destroyed some structures in the town and heavily damaged the rest. The background story of Port Aransas' resilience and recovery makes the facepalming Lincoln even more poignant.

There is a Hudson connection to the story as well. The mayor of Port Aransas is Charles Bujan, father of Rob Bujan, First Ward alderman.

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