Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Restoration Begins

Last month, Shanan Magee appeared before the Historic Preservation Commission seeking a certificate of appropriateness for the restoration of the facade at 723 Warren Street, the building constructed in 1921 as a movie house called the Park Theatre. On Friday, scaffolding appeared on the building, signaling that work has begun.

The plans for the restoration are relying on reading what survives of the facade, most details of which are still intact. Surprisingly, no period pictures of the building exist--at least no one has been able to find any. 

Two years ago, Gossips published an article that appeared in the Columbia Republican on May 3, 1921--a few days before the new movie theater's official opening--describing in some detail the interior of the building but saying little about the exterior. The article was not accompanied by a photograph of the building. If anyone has or knows of someone who has a photograph of this building, please contact Gossips. I will pass the information along to the people who need it.


  1. No photo but when I first opened my shop at 711 the front of Park Theater was stuccoed - until it let loose and fell into the street.

  2. Have been looking for years but, strangely, no photo as yet of the Park Theatre has turned up. Curious to learn of a stucco facade that fell off. And astonishingly heroic the restorative work that Shanan Magee has undertaken!